Our Journey Begins

The Cannabis plant has a history of medicinal use dating back to thousands of years across many ancient cultures and India leads the way

Our Story

Hempvati is born out of the vision of India’s first Female cannabis activist Priya Mishra(Ex Celebrity Manager) as an attempt to help the country become greener- quiet literally!!

Tedx BitsGoa

It was such a magical day ! Thank you @tedxbitsgoa for this opportunity. 
A special thank you and a shout out to the #tedxbitsgoa #studentteam which pulled off this #AMAZING event ! 
A day filled with love, laughter, my story, lot of knowledge and a hope to educate the future of our country #India on the benefits of this marvellous plant called #Ganja ! 
Ps- Am wearing a hemp saree specially made and designed, taking care of my health issues by @natashakhemka via @wyldweaves ! 

What People Say

I do support HEMPVATI 🍀🌿 as I don’t support any synthetic Medicine and to use an organic plant as an overall medication in each person’s life and the overall benefits we get from the hemp in production of many other different materials.

Rinulal Ramakrishnan

Traditional Indian Hemp usage had many advantages ranging from medicinal value, effective in ADHD, etc etc not known to the modern science yet. The banning of its usage stems from ignorance and more importantly from the vested interests in the drug industry cartel.

Girish Vats

Legal Hemp Places in India

Hemp is partially legal in India. Cultivation of Hemp is a state affair and varies from state to state.


 Uttarakhand has policies geared towards sustainability, like ones on hemp production.

Uttar Pradesh

Hemp is one of the most eco-friendly fabrics, uses less water and can be cropped multiple times a year.


The excise department has granted licence to nine shops to sell Bhang.

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