Save Farmers, Patients, Barren Land, Kids, Fuel

The #KisaanLongMarch is a reminder for us all that time is running out and the creator of our food in pain means no food for us either !!

Today we need Hemp agriculture more than ever in India !

A crop which can be grown in EVERY STATE OF INDIA, which doesn’t need any artificial fertilisers, pesticides or even taxing labour. A crop which will give its “fruits” in 6months. FRUITS BEING FOOD, BIO-GAS, CLOTH, PAPER, MEDICINE, CEMENT.

A crop which doesn’t need massive loans to provide above said but just the seeds and enough land, little water and sunshine to give BILLION TIMES MORE !!

A crop which can change the future of the world ! A “billion dollar crop” around the world.

It’s time to help the farmers, the country, patients, nature and the world.


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